I LIke This 008

I LIke This 008

This week – Techno

Featuring plenty of acid and ending on one of the most mental tunes I’ve heard in a while.

On a slightly depressing note, Im finding that doing one of these every week is becoming quite difficult. Having just bought a house and having to get said house ready for the arrival of our first offspring is quite a pull on my time and I feel the quality of these is suffering because of it. As a result I think Im going to make these monthly, rather than weekly, if only for my own sanity.

I Like This 008

01: Datar – B (Christian Smith & John Selway Remix) [Hooj]
02: Electric Rescue & Eric Tarlouf – Infected (Kiko Remix) [DJ Series]
03: Marco P – Reflections (Spektre’s Smoke & Mirror Remix) [Turning Wheel Records]
04: Hard Even – White Dust [SoundTribe Records]
05: The Lucky 23 – Passion Pit [Diablo Loco]
06: Dave Tarrida – 3 Go 3 [Autofake]
07: Tony Dee – Enygma (Filterheadz Remix) [uno.]
08: Meat Katie & Lee Coombs – Thinking Of You (Melodic Remix) [LOT49]
09: Lish – Running Away (Robin Hirte Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
10: Flukes – Survivor [Dead Famous]
11: NX1 – MR3 [M_REC]
12: Elite Force & Friends – I Am Acid [Bandcamp]
13: Funk D’Void & Dave Tarrida – Glowblob [Autofake]

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